St.Margaret's News October 2020 - Page 10

North Canberra

On the weekend of 19 & 20 September St Margaret ’ s and Holy Cross jointly conducted the inaugural North Canberra Sustainability Festival - ‘ Sustaining Our Future ’. It included a forum with ACT election candidates conducted by Dickson College students , a concert by Lucy Sugerman and others in the church , a worship service celebrating Creation , plus various stalls and speakers . The whole event was very successful .
An organiser , Keith Baker , has expressed his feelings of satisfaction and gratitude that the festival went so well as a shared community event . “ The weather was fine , people came along to enjoy themselves , stalls and speakers were great , while the festival raised awareness of issues of sustainability in a friendly atmosphere .” Keith did a tally of the registration sheets for Saturday up to 4PM , so this does not include the concert , for which registration was recorded separately . There may also be some overlap with the on-line registration for the Candidates Forum . The total over the time from 11.25 AM onwards was 219 , made up of 11 speakers , 9 stall holders , 20 volunteers and 179 visitors .
The photos on these pages show just some of what happened .
St Margaret ’ s News 10 October 2020