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cital at City Church

and Tim Chapman , Bob Townsend , Ivan Roberts and Don and Jenny Rowland . David ’ s 45-minute recital was introduced by Graeme Brown , president of the RSCM Australia ACT Branch .
David explained that he was presenting a program based on the English Voluntary , which was a musical feature of the English Georgian Period , ( Kings George I , II , III and IV ) from 1714 to 1830 . David began with a rousing Voluntary in C major using the horn stop , by the originally German but later naturalised English composer , G F Handel ( 1685-1759 ). He then moved on to fully English composers . The first of these items was a Voluntary in E major , with the usual two movements , this time a slow one followed by a longer , faster second movement . It was by almost blind , English composer Jonas Blewitt ( c . 1757-1805 ), who wrote an organ tutor called A Complete Treatise on the Organ . David ’ s third piece was a Voluntary in F major by Robert Broderip ( c . 1758-1808 ). Its atypical three movements were slow , even slower and finally “ brilliant ” or “ sparkling ”. The fourth piece was a two movement Voluntary in A minor by Henry Heron ( c . 1730-1795 ). The nearest on City Church ’ s organ to the required stop in the faster , second movement was the Voix Céleste ( heavenly voice ).
David described his next composer in some detail . It was William Russell ( 1777-1813 ), whose Voluntaries provide a link between earlier and later musical developments , including the use of pedals . Russell was closely associated with other notable composers / musicians of his day , Samuel Wesley and Vincent Novello . David played a Russell Voluntary in A major . Its first movement was a Siciliano , or dance of Sicilian peasants , followed by a second , faster movement . The final piece in David ’ s most appealing program was a Concerto for Solo Organ by Matthew Camidge ( 1758-1844 ). As the member of an organist dynasty ( four generations at York Minister over 103 years ), Camidge composed this work in the mould of a Voluntary , but gave it four contrasting concerto movements : an Introduction ( Adagio ), Fugue ( Allegro ), Adagio and Gavotta .
We thank David for this very attractive , well researched program , which showed off City Church ’ s Fincham organ well . Further recitals in the 2021 RSCM organ series will take place at other Canberra churches at 12.30pm on the fourth Thursday of each month until November .
- Jenny Rowland
David Franks and his “ page-turner ” Robert Stewart are regular participants in the monthly Holy Communion services that St Margaret ’ s conducts in the Chapel at Goodwin Ainslie . Thanks to Jenny for permission to reproduce her article from Canberra City ’ s magazine Contact .
St Margaret ’ s News 5 June 2021