St.Margaret's News June 2021 - Page 3

Goodwin Ainslie Community

St Margaret ’ s has been conducting monthly Holy Communion services at Goodwin Ainslie for a number of years now . They are generally attended by a smallish group of people , but the actual participants have varied over time as people have come and gone . We have had a change of Minister , some Goodwin residents have come to the end of their lives or moved away from Canberra to be nearer to family , new residents have moved in and joined the group .
Right now , the group regulars are Goodwin residents David Franks and Robert Stewart ( who worship at Canberra City UCA , and David is featured in the story by City ’ s Jenny Rowland on the following two pages ), resident Pauline Everson ( a long time St Margaret ’ s member who provides the refreshments after the service ), residents Raymond and Hazel Bunker ( who also worship at City UCA ), Rev Don Erickson ( currently conducting the services ), plus St Margaret ’ s congregation members Judy Baker , Robyn Swadling and Brian Rope ( who provide the elements for Communion ).
Whilst it is a small group , these services and the following refreshments and conversation have made important contributions to pastoral care and established a great sense of community over the years . We very much enjoy each others company and our shared conversation over Pauline ’ s refreshments , as we cover a wide range of topics and talk about what we have been up to since we last gathered together .
Whilst losing people from the group at times as they have reached the end of their lives has been sad , participants have been able to grieve together and remember those people together . This is an illustration of the support and love for each other that flourishes in the broader community that is St Margaret ’ s .
Any other member of St Margaret ’ s is most welcome to participate in this group , whether occasionally or regularly . And if you know any residents of Goodwin Ainslie who might be interested please encourage them and their friends to come along as well . Or perhaps you know someone who doesn ’ t get to church for worship these days who you might drive to Goodwin to join us ?
- Brian Rope
St Margaret ’ s News 3 June 2021