St.Margaret's News June 2021 - Page 16

War Against Rubbish

All readers are invited to contribute articles about things they have done - photographs taken , jokes heard or made up , poetry written , pictures of drawings or paintings done , prayers written , art or craft made , exciting and positive news received , and whatever else might be appropriate .
Likewise , we would love to have material to put on the St Margaret ’ s Website ( or its YouTube channel ). If you are clever enough to create and send sound recordings or videos of yourself playing an appropriate piece of music on an instrument , reciting a poem , singing a hymn or some other wonderful song , performing a favourite piece , or whatever , then that would be marvellous .
The deadline for material for the next issue is 9 July 2021 , with that issue being published on 16 July . Material should be provided to the editor Brian Rope or to Lynda at the church office .
Unless otherwise indicated , all photographs in this publication are by the editor , Brian Rope .
St Margaret ’ s News 16 June 2021