St.Margaret's News June 2021 - Page 15

Show Your Stripes

Send a Message Post your photo with a targeted message to your Federal Parliamentarians , calling for them to take urgent action on climate change . Find out who your state Senators and MP are here https :// www . aph . gov . au / Senators _ and _ Members . You can then choose who you would like to send this message to and find their Instagram @ tag through a quick Google search . For example , Scott Morrison MP would be @ scottmorrisonmp .
Twitter On June 21 share a message and change your profile picture to the climate stripes .
Don ’ t have social media ? Your family and friends can help you ! Maybe your grandchild , son , daughter or someone from your church community could post your message on their social media . They can add a small message “ I am so encouraged by < your name > for her / his action to knit a climate scarf with @ CommonGrace Knit for Climate Action and call on our nation ’ s leaders to take urgent action on climate change . Join us today and # ShowYourStripes .”
More information is available at # ShowYourStripes Day - Common Grace
St Margaret ’ s News 15 June 2021