St.Margaret's News June 2021 - Page 14

Knit for Climate Action

On June 21 there will be gathering at Federal Parliament in Canberra to present Knit for Climate Action scarves to key Federal Parliamentarians . June 21 is winter solstice and # ShowYourStripes Day where people will be sharing their # CommonThreads as they meet with key Parliamentarians , asking them to # WearTheScarf and take action on climate change for our # CommonHome .
The organisers would love you to join them ! # ShowYourStripes on Social Media , Monday June 21 by using your social media feeds for good to send a powerful message to our MPs and Senators about the need for bold and urgent action on climate change to preserve and restore our common home , for the flourishing of all God ’ s creation .
Share your Photo on Instagram Share a picture of yourself wearing a climate stripe scarf , or if you ' re still knitting one of your stripes in action ! If you don ' t have a scarf , download and share the Common Grace climate stripes to post on Instagram .
Facebook Download the Common Grace Facebook frame and add it to your profile picture to # ShowYourStripes .
St Margaret ’ s News 14 June 2021