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New Humans of Australia

New Humans of Australia ( NHA ) seeks to reduce discrimination towards migrants , especially refugees , through the powerful medium of storytelling .
They believe it is becoming more and more important to tell the true stories of migrants – the difficulties they overcome and what they contribute – in order to celebrate multiculturalism , and to make new arrivals feel welcome on our shores .
Inspired by the iconic Humans of New York , NHA was started by Nicola Gray , a writer , who wanted to share the many fascinating stories she heard while working with refugees and migrants .
I recently was interviewed for nearly an hour for the NHA project . On the next two pages , if you are interested , you can read the short piece that they created from that interview and published on their website - https :// newhumansofaustralia . org / and also on their Facebook page - https :// www . facebook . com / NewHumansOfAustralia . They also made a short video from the interview .
There has been an amazing 126 comments so far on the NHA Facebook page in response to the story . And 38 people ( myself included ) have shared it on their own Facebook pages .
- Brian Rope
The Rope family during early years in Australia .
St Margaret ’ s News 5 August 2021