St.Margaret's News August 2021 - Page 3


We extend sympathy and love to our good friends Sue and Tony Jordan from Holy Cross who have been in London for a lengthy time caring for their son David as he fought his lengthy battle against cancer . We pray that they and their extended family will find comfort in their memories of happy times with David throughout his life .
We were also recently very saddened when we learned that Blake Moulds , Robin Bennett ’ s 9 year old great nephew , died in the loving arms of his family . Blake had been having treated for leukaemia and recently had undergone a stem cell transplant . However , he wasn ’ t responding to treatment and finally lost his battle .
We extend our sympathy and love to Robin , Chloe and all the rest of Blake ’ s extended family . We pray that they also will find comfort in their happy memories of Blake .
St Margaret ’ s News 3 August 2021