St.Margaret's News August 2021 - Page 10

Locked down choir

Our joint Holy Cross and St Margaret ’ s choir has been rehearsing three pieces for some weeks with a view to recording them before the middle of September , so that they might be included on a CD / USB with recordings by another eight varied church groups for a pre-Christmas release .
The other groups working on the project are from :

� St Christopher ' s Catholic

� Indonesian choir at St Andrew ' s Presbyterian ( in Indonesian and English ) Worship team at St Simon ' s Anglican church , Kaleen Spence Community Choir at St Paul ' s Ginninderra Anglican South Sudanese ( in their language ) Filipino choir ( in their language ) Ruth MacDermott and Lynette Rampling

Worship team at Grace Church , Belconnen

The lockdown took effect just before the regular weekly practice on 12 August , forcing the choir onto Zoom rehearsals once again . As you might imagine that is not an easy way to rehearse . Singing “ together ” sounds completely not together , so all choir members have to be muted which means they cannot hear each other and choir mistress Susan Reid can ’ t hear them either . Nevertheless , last year ’ s experience showed that it worked quite well . When the choir was able to meet together again after many weeks on Zoom then they found that they had learned various pieces quite well anyway .
So , the challenge right now is for choir members to record themselves individually singing their own parts . Susan is providing all choir members with backing track recordings of their parts . The task for each choir member is to listen to the backing track of their part through headphones or earbuds attached to one device ( a phone , tablet or computer ), sing along to that soundtrack and record their own singing voice ( and only their own voice ) on another device ( a different phone , tablet or computer ), then email that recording to Susan .
All recordings received by Susan will then be provided to Rev Tim Watson who will mix them all together to create recordings of the Good Faith choir singing their three pieces .
The plan is to start taking orders for the CD / USB in mid-October , with it being released in mid-November . Get your money ready !
St Margaret ’ s News 10 August 2021