St.Margaret's News August 2020 - Page 5

with Holy Cross Looking back at our past Presbyterians used to sing psalms …. What do we sing now? We have our traditions, our likes ….. what do young people sing these days? Do we need to evolve our repertoire? But we have done this in the past A concern is “zombie churches”: those who refuse to die so that resurrection life can come! NB zombie church is not an age-related phenomenon How can we bless and hand on our life of the spirit to a new generation? Hope going forward People WANT to consult with young families and build on what THEY want to construct, something life-giving together Youth-related questions Where is Jesus in all this? Where is God’s work of redemption through Christ? If we’re not telling that story to people (Deuteronomy) To “get families and young people into church” what opportunities are we seeing now (Monday – Saturday, as well as Sunday) that we can respond to? As well as “old” and “young” we have a middle population (Gen X) – there is a large demographic there. Plus what BACKGROUNDS do we represent? Who is not here? whose voices are we not hearing? What attracts people, is the question “what can WE do for OTHERS”? A lot of the things that draw people away from spirituality are TRAP- PING them, e.g. technology The church still has a respected place in society: It can HELP people It can provide SANCTUARY* (spirituality) (socially) in uncertain times (for many people whose employment is unstable/insecure) *the best thing the church has provided Millennials are now turning 40 They are looking for spirituality and community and security, faced with all the uncertainties BUT time is a scarce resource for many, so we are going to need to compromise The COMMUNITY is a sanctuary, not just the BUILDING! (but the spiritual potential of the building is also a precious resource) St Margaret’s News 5 August 2020