St.Margaret's News August 2020 - Page 4

Notes from meeting Holy Cross invited St Margaret’s people to a meeting on 2 July to discuss possibilities as we continue our journey together. For those who did not attend, here are the notes that were taken. Things that are hopeful Possibility of 5pm services Possibility of early and late services with morning tea in between Possibility of more (alternating) joint services Let’s see how we CAN attract young families We value our 50-year partnership and want it to continue The choir is a blessing (more joint services → more singing!) We could pool our resources more and share activities (Tuckerbox, Toy library, RWL) Alternating services week by week Why not four different services? Sat pm, cafe-style Sun early, traditional Sun late morning, non-traditional Sun 4pm, family Pilot and assess Does church have to be on Sunday? … Or in person rather than Zoom? Things have already changed over the last 50 years, we just need to keep doing it Things that concern us We need to listen to our families with young kids – they are not at this meeting NOT old vs young BUT old and young …. integration A reality: 9am doesn’t work for EITHER church at present We need to be open to ALL possibilities, be deft, be flexible There’s nothing wrong with confrontation as long as we respect the people Sundays are DIFFERENT now for families – they get together and do things – church has lost its place, has been crowded out by sport etc. Families who come to church these days are counter-cultural, they have to go another way than their peers ….. we need to acknowledge their needs, we’re struggling to find ways to engage them and support them, in ways that are life-giving for them, rather than exhausting St Margaret’s News 4 August 2020