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LETTER FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER St Johns Members, Happy New Year! 2019 wrapped up in a tremendous way when we finally broke ground on our Clubhouse expansion. The transformation to the Dining Areas and Exterior will certainly be worth the wait and we are excited to share the new space with each of you. To limit any service interruption, the project will be completed in two phases. In phase one, the patio, event lawn, kitchen, and addition will be completed. After the certificate of occupancy is received for these new areas, phase two will begin by updated in the current dining room, bar, and foyer. Phase one is expected to be complete by the end of April and phase two by the end of June. We would like stress the importance of everyone’s safety during this construction period and ask that you reframe from entering the work area without escort. We have planned several Hard Hat Parties during the construction to celebrate the project and will be able to provide tours of the work during those times. Thank you for all your patience and understanding while we worked to begin the renovation. I look forward to celebrating its completion with each of you when it is complete! Best regards, CLUBHOUSE Renovation Ben Pasquith General Manager 2 9 MICAMY ACCENT TILE 1 ACCENT TILE 2 DESIGN STUDIO 1 9 2619 Rolac Road Jacksonville, Florida 32207 904.683.6625 #IB26001223 ACCENT TILE 3 4 9 MAIN FLOOR - PORCELAIN TILE ACCENT TILE 4 3 9 CLUBHOUSE NORTH MICAMY FLOORPLAN OPTION #2 BILLY CASPER GOLF - ST JOHNS GOLF & HEX COUNTRY CLUB - CONCEPT ELEVATIONS STU O OUTDOOR FANS COUNTERTOPS WALL TILE HERRINGBONE FLOOR TILE DESIGN MI C DI AMY DESIGN STUDIO 2619 Rolac Road Jacksonville, Florida 32207 2619 Rolac Road 904.683.6625 Jacksonville, Florida 32207 904.683.6625 #IB26001223 BILLY CASPER GOLF - ST JOHNS GOLF & COUNTRYCLUB - CONCEPT ELEVATIONS Title : FLOORPLAN ELEVATIONS JACKSONVILLE, FL Sheet # : 1.0 6 Title : ELEVATIONS JACKSONVILLE, FL Sheet # Date: : 1.0 Date: Job # : #IB26001223 12/10/2018 11/20/2018 11/20/2018 Job # : 18-053.000 Revisions 18-053.000 Print Record For the outdoor bar we wanted to pull some elements of the interior out to the exrterior but also wanted it to have its own look and feel. We selected a hex tile to cover the face of the bar to complement the interior hex tile. The flooring will be the wood porcleain tile plank from the interior but in its’ herringbone pattern. Finally, the bar shelving will be the same as the interior. MICHELE A. BROWN REGISTERED INTERIOR DESIGNER, FL#0004055 Date: Job #: Title INTERIOR ELEVATIONS Sheet # ID3.1 MICAMY 4 DESIGN STUDIO MICAMY 2619 Rolac Road Jacksonville, Florida 32207 904.683.6625 SIGN STUDIO DE ST JOHNS GOLF & GOLF COUNTRY CLUB - PATIO BAR DESIGN ELEVATIONS BILLY CASPER GOLF - ST JOHNS & COUNTRY CLUB - CONCEPT JACKSONVILLE, JACKSONVILLE, FL FL BILLY CASPER GOLF - ST JOHNS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB - CONCEPT ELEVATIONS #IB26001223 2619 Rolac Road Jacksonville, Florida 32207 904.683.6625 #IB26001223 JACKSONVILLE, FL Title : PATIO ELEVATIONS BAR DESIGN Sheet # : 1.0 4 Date: 03/22/19 11/20/2018 Job # : 18-053.000 18-053.000 Title : ELEVATIONS Sheet # : 1.0 Date: Job # : 11/20/2018 18-053.000 Elevation