Stillwater Style Winter 2021 - Page 8

Her social media followers will see her making special cakes or other baked items to auction for charity .
Stella doesn ’ t advertise or seek out orders . More than she can handle seem to come through word of mouth or from people who follow her on Instagram , so she ’ s learning valuable life skills , like juggling competing priorities , time management and , most importantly , when and how to say “ no .”
But she ’ s also a sucker for a milestone celebration and has yet to turn down a 50th anniversary or 100th birthday cake .
It ’ s just better if people order well in advance , at least a month is preferable .
Amy said she ’ s had to step in and remind people who are being difficult or demanding that they ’ re not dealing with a professional bakery , they ’ re talking to a 12-year-old kid .
That ’ s easy to forget because of her talent and the impressive cakes she creates .
The family helps along the way , whether she ’ s crafting a cake , delivering an order or buying everincreasing amounts of supplies .
Stella says she doesn ’ t think she wants to pursue a career as a baker , but she can see doing it for fun and to make people happy , for the rest of her life .
For some serious baking inspiration , follow Stella as sugar _ star25 on Instagram .
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