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Stella Dzialowski comes from a family that loves to make sweets , although her mom and aunts usually prefer working in chocolate . But this Stillwater middleschooler has taken what started as a love of baking and gone way beyond with her beautifully decorated cakes and artistic pastries .

She ’ s great at piping and painting . She loves fruit and flower garnishes . But her favorite part of decorating a cake ? It ’ s definitely sprinkles . For Stella , sprinkles are the key to happiness and you can ’ t have too many .
She has amassed a vast collection of sprinkles , enough to fill a rack on the wall of her family ’ s pantry that has been dedicated to them .
Her mom Amy Dzialowski also gave up the storage cabinets in her baking island for Stella ’ s evergrowing collection of baking and decorating supplies .
It all started with making cakes for her friends and baking challenges done for fun , but since Stella started taking it more seriously about three years ago , it has grown into an actual business . She already has a full plate between school work and softball and really doesn ’ t need a part-time job , but she says the cake business has become self-sustaining . It ’ s also helping her build a savings account and gives her the ability to support causes she believes in .
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