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Less is more !
Motivation versus Discipline
80 / 20
Listen to your body !

As the year comes to a close , many people will begin looking at what to put on their New Year ’ s resolution list . The thing about making those lists is , it ’ s difficult to actually carry them out long-term .

Of course , the first few weeks or even months , will seem easy but as life goes on and the daily stressors get in the way , those resolutions seem minute in the grand scheme of life .
Here are some easy ways to stay on track with your New Year ’ s Resolutions .
Less is more I always made lists of how I wanted my year to turn out and what I wanted to accomplish . But , I could never seem to complete the entire list .
I started making smaller lists and realized it ’ s easier to stick to a New Year ’ s Resolution if I didn ’ t have to tackle as many things .
Motivation versus Discipline
Most people have some form of getting healthier on their list . I had that one on my list for years before I actually started working on getting healthier . I would lie down at night and say “ I ’ m going to the gym in the morning ” but when morning rolled around I wasn ’ t feeling it . Over the last four years I have learned that motivation isn ’ t as important for health and fitness as discipline . There are times I have a lot of motivation for the gym , but then there are other times that life is busy and I don ’ t feel like going .
That is where the discipline comes in . Being disciplined will help get you to your goal when motivation fails .
Of course , make sure your body is recovered before exercising so you don ’ t get an injury , and remember exercise is just simply moving your body , so have fun .
80 / 20 Rule “ I ’ m going to eat clean and healthy and cut out all junk food .”
How many times have you said that and realized eating healthy is harder than exercise ?
I follow the 80 / 20 rule when it comes to nutrition . 80 % healthy and 20 % unhealthy . This is important because when it comes to wellness goals it needs to be a lifestyle change and not a fad diet . It ’ s impossible to think you can only eat healthy 100 % of the time . Life is filled with good food and most times good food is paired with company and loved ones . The holidays should be no exception , eat the pie , mashed potatoes and rolls .
As long as you follow the 80 / 20 rule you can still make progress .
Listen to your body not the Fitness Industry
When starting out I would suggest you save your money and not buy into the marketing of fitness influencers and everything they sell .
As a gym goer I didn ’ t start investing in supplements until I knew this wasn ’ t going to be just another attempt at getting healthy .
I also spent two years of my fitness journey following all the fitness influencers and doing everything they did , but I wasn ’ t making the progress I knew I should be making .
Once I started listening to my body instead of Youtube and Instagram I started seeing the results .
Whatever your goal ( s ) are for 2022 , start small . More things can be added to the list as you cross some off , the list doesn ’ t have to be completed in one sitting .
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