Stillwater Style Winter 2021 - Page 19

Just Friends
This politically incorrect , fat-phobic , romantic comedy has some laughs . It also has a very “ home for the holidays ” plot . It happens by accident , Ryan Reynolds character is some kind of music studio professional who is chaperoning a pop star somewhere when the plane has to be grounded . He ends up having to stay with his family in his hometown , only , he hasn ’ t been home since high school because he confessed his love for his high school crush and she had him friend-zoned .
Ghostbusters 2 This is in honor of Dan Aykroyd stopping in Stillwater to do some Blues Brothers things and promote medical marijuana products . Co-created by Aykroyd , “ Ghostbusters ” is one of the greatest comedies ever made . “ Ghostbusters 2 ” is a pretty good sequel as far as sequels go . Everything takes place during the holiday season , specifically New Year ’ s Eve and includes a chorus of “ Auld Lang Syne ,” and also it kind of works thematically as the plot involves the team getting together after an absence and these spirits that affect emotions .
The Lion in Winter
It ’ s the original dysfunctional Christmas family film . It ’ s a starstudded cast with Katharine Hepburn , Peter O ’ Toole , Timothy Dalton and Anthony Hopkins . O ’ Toole , as King Henry II , lets his wife out of prison ( yep ), for Christmas while his family all plots for his throne . “ I have a confession . I don ’ t much like our children .” That ’ s gotta mean Christmas for some folks .