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Hepz Apparel customizes winter looks

Hepz Apparel has started doing custom designs just in time for the winter season . Oklahoma weather can be unpredictable , it may snow or it may be 70 degrees outside in winter time .

Regardless , Hepz has all the winter and fall necessities .
Owner Krista Thomason said she began making custom designs during the pandemic , but it hasn ’ t been as popular as she would like .
For custom designs customers would have to be fitted , so Thomason said that may play into why she doesn ’ t have many requests for custom designs .
“ About a year ago I did my first one and it was like a velvet jumpsuit but it was two pieces . I used our pants pattern that we had and did pants that fit this young lady and then she picked out the top she wanted ,” she said . “ So I made those two different pieces and then made a tie to go around to make it look like it was one piece .”
Models Kimberlee Fields and Kaitlyn Nagel explored the store and picked out several outfits they fell in love with .
Thomason helped the models put the pieces together in a fashionable way and gave pointers on how she would wear them .

First Outfit

Nagel chose solid black pants with an orange top with three large flowers . She chose this outfit because she liked the way it looked once she tried it on . She was searching for the perfect look and loved this outfit together .
Fields chose a solid black shirt and paired it with a plaid mini skirt . Thomason said plaid is very popular right now . That outfit can be worn with a cardigan for cooler weather , Thomason suggested yellow for a pop of color .

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