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Deck the halls and crank the Mariah


Christmas is more than just one day in the Huffman household . We start decorating as soon as Thanksgiving is over , or before .

Decorating may seem like an easy task , but my mom is a Christmas hoarder so we have more than five big storage bins of decorations .
We start with the tree , which takes close to three or more hours , because my dad likes to critique how the tree looks . Every ornament has a special place , lights go a certain way and so do ribbons and beads .
There are six of us Huffman kids but only four who actually decorated as kids .
As a child it was my favorite time of year because it was a tradition .
We would wake up early the day after Thanksgiving , my dad would carry in all the big storage bins of decorations and hit play on the Mariah Carey Christmas soundtrack , a classic . Then the decorating would begin . As kids we had to divide up the tasks and I wasn ’ t great at separating the branches of our artificial tree , so I would hand ornaments to people .
Decorating for Christmas isn ’ t the only tradition we have .
With the entire Huffman family , we drive down to Moore on Christmas Eve for a night filled with family . We have dinner which is usually a variety of homemade soups .
After we eat my aunt begins to rally up the teenagers for the annual scavenger hunt across Moore . This was what I looked forward to the most as a kid and was the best part about being a teenager when I could finally participate .
The teams , usually all girls against all boys , quickly sped off to see who could complete the list the fastest .
Everyone would get prizes but whoever came first had a better pick of prizes and bragging rights for the rest of the year .
While the teenagers did the scavenger hunt , the adults would play dirty santa . After the scavenger hunt the teens would start their game of dirty santa .
After the night of festivities I would head over to my grandma ’ s house to stay the night and in the morning I would wake up to the smell of her cooking the Christmas lunch . Around 11 a . m . the family would arrive at my grandma ’ s house for Christmas . We would begin opening presents and end with a Christmas lunch .
The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year because of the family traditions .

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