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One show on Netflix that has been hard to stop watching is the series Spinning Out . It is a show about figure skating that really focuses on the peripheral aspects of the athletes , their families and friends , and not as much on the sport itself . It deals with mental health issues , perseverance and family trouble that make it an interesting bit of human interest . As a former hockey player , I also can connect with practicing in the cold before the sun comes up . It also has some great humor , which is something that I did not expect it to have , but makes me appreciate it even more . This show even managed to pull off a somewhat respectable version of a joke about the Tonya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan incident . There are a lot of deep elements to this show that I did not expect .
– Tanner Holubar
Alright , it ’ s time for me to be the Disney shill that I am , I guess . If you haven ’ t added Disney-Plus yet , what are you doing with yourself ?
I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , so of course I was intrigued to watch “ WandaVision ”, but also not sure what to think of the previews . Six episodes into the show , I love it but still not sure what ’ s happening . Neither does anyone else .
This show is helping set up the next phase of the MCU , but those of us watching are waiting for the season finale to see exactly what ’ s happening . Each episode answers some questions or theories , but gives us more questions . It ’ s an intriguing mystery set around family TV sit-coms .
Additionally , there are two great seasons of “ The Mandalorian ” already on Disney-Plus . It ’ s a great Star Wars show in a western / samurai setting . It ’ s the show that brought us “ Baby Yoda .”
I can ’ t wait to see what ’ s next , but right now “ WandaVision ” is a must watch every Friday .
– Jimmy Gillispie
The weirdest thing about Netflix ’ s “ Cobra Kai ,” is that the pilot is actually over three years old . It began life as series made for the new YouTube service . Not sure how many people subscribe to that service , but I ’ m glad it founds its way into more homes . It deserves a large audience .
The other thing , is it ’ s kind of hard to suggest it to people , especially if they aren ’ t familiar with the 1984 film “ Karate Kid ,” which offers the background for Cobra Kai .
There should be something for everybody . It ’ s an action-comedy , it ’ s nostalgic , it ’ s a teen drama and it ’ s a drama-drama in a lot of ways for the adult characters .
The driving force behind the show , though , is William Zabka , who plays Johnny Lawrence . Johnny was the tough-guy antagonist in the original Karate Kid and Zabka had that look of the 80s tough guy , so he played that role a lot .
Cobra Kai picks up answering the question , what becomes of that tough guy after he doesn ’ t have his high school buddies around to impress or nerds to pick on ? Zabka is hilarious in this new role , but he also gets a very satisfying redemption arc . Ralph Macchio returns as the original Daniel , and it ’ s like he never missed a beat .
I really went into the show reluctantly thinking it was a silly cashgrab . I was dead wrong . It ’ s highly enjoyable .
– Beau Simmons

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