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The ones that pull us in ...

What is it about those streaming shows that can enthrall an entire nation , seemingly holding pop-culture hostage ?

How do they get so many people to buy into the same thing ? The Style team explains how and why they got sucked into these shows tailor-made for obsession .
Bridgeton took over Netflix recently and dominated many , many hours of my time . In fact , I watched it in the span of 2-3 days .
As a lover of romance and drama , this show was right up my alley .
Bridgeton is based in the early 1800s when women would dress in fancy dresses and be courted by eligible men .
The show was addicting from the first episode . It reminded me of an old-timey Gossip Girl .
The show is filled with drama , jealousy , love and best of all , highlights a bit of feminism in a time where women were supposed to keep quiet and act nice .
I would recommend this show to everyone , in fact I pretty much had my entire family and people at work loving the show . The only disappointing thing is there is only one season , but don ’ t worry season two is being filmed now .
Overall I would give Bridgeton a 10 / 10 on best shows to watch on Netflix .
– Ashlynd Huffman
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My husband glanced up one day as I was scrolling though Netflix and said , “ You sure do like British people .” And he ’ s not wrong .
From “ The Great British Baking Show ” to “ The Crown ” to “ Prime Suspect ,” I cannot deny that I am a sucker for a British series . Check out my suggestions on any streaming platform and you ’ ll see . The algorithm knows me all too well .
But one of my all-time favorites has got to be Amazon Prime ’ s “ Fleabag .”
I could go on for days about the genius of Phoebe Waller-Bridge , the actor , writer , comedian , producer and show runner , who is without a doubt one of the most talented people working in entertainment .
“ Fleabag ”, which she wrote and starred in , is a series based on her semiautobiographical one-woman show . It ’ s often referred to a a tragi-comedy , and for good reason .
As the lead character , whose real name we never learn , Waller Bridge careens through life , gradually revealing herself to us the audience , her confidants . She ’ s
like the friend whose adventures you get a vicarious thrill from , even as you thank the heavens your life isn ’ t such a mess .
She ’ ll make you laugh , shock you , madden you and break your heart , all in the same episode .
Anyone who who has ever felt lost and a little too broken to be loved will identify in some way with Fleabag .
Lovers of snappy dialogue and smart writing won ’ t be able to resist it .
But it ’ s not just about Waller-Bridge , although I basically think a great many things should be mostly about Phoebe Waller-Bridge .
The supporting cast is stellar as well , especially Sian Clifford as Fleabag ’ s tooperfect sister Claire and Olivia Coleman as The Stepmother .
The first season is brilliant and the second season is even better , more heartfelt . Watch it for Andrew Scott as the # hotpriest , if nothing else . It is just so , so good . Watch it . Really . – Michelle Charles