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grower . We had someone come in and grow microgreens a couple of times , and we ’ ve never seen them again and so there ’ s so much room for growth , really there is ,” she said .
She also said many of the vendors are getting close to retirement , and she would like to see younger people interested in being a vendor . Richardson also has a farm and bakery called Persimmon Hill Farm that is set to be an agritourism attraction in Stillwater .
“ We have a small pumpkin patch last year and it was small but successful that we ’ re like , OK , we ’ re gonna do bigger , you know , we ’ re gonna go bigger and we ’ re gonna try to have some things for kids to do and , and we ’ re only four and a half miles east of that Atwoods ,” she said .
They now have a storefront and they will also have a glass case with honey bees , so visitors can watch the bees make honey .
“ But you know , with agritourism , we want it where if we have a deal where once we extract
honey , it ’ s called wet comb , and theirs , you can extract it , but they ’ re still covered with a small layer of honey . And so when you put that outside the bees just swarm ,” she said .
The farm was set to open early March , but due to the freezing temperatures in February , it will open in April .
“ We are working with agritourism to get people on the farm to get them out of town away from COVID and just in the open air and be able to do something , you know , there ’ s nothing to do with COVID I mean , it ’ s really shut so much down ,” she said . “ But if you can bring your kids out around the fire pit and just get out . And , you know , take some blackberries or do something . We have some trails on our place too , that ’ s what we ’ re trying to do on that side of it .”
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Stillwater • 405-780-4006

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