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that around that time , the graphic designer who worked with arts and sciences had left and the position was open .”
This image of the steps outside of the OSU Student Union was shot by Wallace in 2009 .
Wallace was asked to teach a traveling photography class that was more of a community course than an enrolled class . He said he had no real teaching experience , but the requirements for teaching the course were different and that he could create his own curriculum .
When he signed up to teach it , he met up for lunch with two of the deans in charge of outreach for the College of Arts and Sciences . He said during the lunch , he made what he thought was an offhand comment while discussing where he had worked and what he wanted to do .
“ In the middle of the discussion , I said , ‘ Well , I ’ ve been working at the IT department , but I do this photography thing on the side , and it ’ s basically because I can ’ t seem to find an art job .’ At the time , I thought it was an offhand comment , but they picked up on it . It just so happened
Wallace then received a call asking him if he was interested in applying , and he said he jumped at the chance and accepted the position in 2017 .
While he now has a full-time job as an artist , Wallace said he really enjoys the aspect of arts festivals , which present a more personal approach to selling his work . “ I get excited by the fact that it ’ s not only an opportunity for me to sell my work , but it ’ s an opportunity for me to be there and sell my work and interact with the customer as they ’ re making the decision ,” Wallace said . “ Since I ’ m the creator of the piece , it ’ s just an honor to be in that venue , in that space with the customer as they are making the decision . I feel like , for me , it ’ s my favorite way of selling artwork .”
For more information on the work of Jason Wallace , visit jwallacephoto . com .
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