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Wallace said there were a couple of pivot points that led him to the path of being a photographer . He said the first came on a study abroad trip to Tuscany in 2003 . Students would sit in the yard of a Tuscan estate and paint the surroundings , which consisted of 15,000 acres of landscape . He said he would complete a painting per day , but on one of the last days there , he took a photo that changed his outlook on what he wanted to do with visual arts .
“ The morning we were leaving , one of our friends on the trip had flagged me over to a corner of the property and said , ‘ Come on over and take a look through the trees here .’ I saw the neighboring villa across the way and it was shrouded in fog and make it look like it was floating in space ,” Wallace said . “ I did my best to try to get a photo of that with my point-and-shoot camera that I was taking reference photos with , basically . When I got home , I looked at all my paintings and looked at all my photos , and that one photo of that estate , it just resonated with me as least as much or more so than my paintings .”
The second pivot point came in 2006 , when Wallace and a friend decided to road trip to California . Wallace had upgraded his camera by then , and he wanted an opportunity to photograph locations in the southwest .
He said while visiting Monument Valley , it was raining , but there was a period of about eight minutes when the sun came shining through . Wallace said it lit up the three main rock formations in the park and he started taking pictures .
“ The sun came through sideways . It was just phenomenal with the difference in light ,” Wallace said . “ To me , it felt more than just light hitting rocks . I couldn ’ t describe it . It was phenomenal . Once I went through my photographs that I took that evening , there was a small handful , one of those included , that I thought , ‘ I can ’ t take my eyes off of this one .’ Just the quality of the light , the quality of the color , it was amazing . I thought , ‘ I ’ ve got to do something with this .’”
When Wallace graduated from OSU in 2003 , he got a part time job working at the IT department at OSU before accepting a full time position . From 2003-08 , Wallace said he didn ’ t really know how to get his photographic artwork out into the world to get it sold . In 2008 , he attended his first art festival , which was the
This photo by Jason Wallace was shot in 2011 at the Talimena Scenic Drive in Oklahoma .
Stillwater Arts Festival held at Couch Park , which he said made him feel like he ’ d “ made it .”
He worked in IT at OSU from 2003-2017 , when a friend of his passed his name along and he was eventually offered a chance to teach a photography class . By this point , Wallace had been doing the festival circuit for 10 years and felt he had pretty well established himself .
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