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Jason Wallace

The Speed of Life in Italy : This photo was shot in 2017 in Cortona , Italy .

Jason Wallace Made the Slow but Steady Trek Towards Becoming a Full-Time Artist


For some artists , finding that outlet

that allows them to move their art from side gig to full-time job can take some time . For Jason Wallace , of Stillwater , a staff member at Oklahoma State University in the School of Arts and Sciences , it was a slow and steady process for him to get to the point he is at now . Wallace is a graphic designer at OSU who had spent 10 years as an IT professional at the university before making the switch to his current job a few years ago . Wallace said he didn ’ t have a singular focus when he started his freshman year at OSU in 1995 . He said he was fascinated by almost anything he could major in , which
14 Stillwater Style | SPRING 2021 led to him changing majors a few times .
“ I ended up in college for seven and a half years instead of four ,” Wallace said . “ Once I had exceeded my 130 hours attempted without any hope of a degree , eventually I came to my senses and narrowed it down to my closest path toward a degree , which was studio art .”
He had studied art and drawing while growing up , which led him to want to further his education in the visual arts . He said his father was the yearbook teacher at his high school and the family even had a dark room in the house , though he would discover his passion for photography while in college .
Jason Wallace , a graphic designer in the School of Arts and Sciences at OSU , has made photography his artistic passion .