Stillwater Style Spring 2021 - Page 12

Kathryn Farguson , DO CARDIOLOGY
The few fans who have been able to attend games have done so , and enjoyed the new amenities to the ballpark . More will do so in the future , as those beautiful suites and club level sections are waiting to be purchased and used .
But , arguably , the biggest benefactor in moving out of the 40-year-old Allie P . and moving into O ’ Brate are the Cowboys . They have a new locker room , larger training room and a room just for their cleats , to name a few . Cecil O ’ Brate ’ s signature can be found in large lettering on the ceiling of the locker room .
“ It ’ s going to be hard to say goodbye to Allie P ., but I am really excited to see what the new baseball stadium does for our community ,” OSU senior outfielder Cade Cabbiness said . “ It ’ s going to bring in a lot of new fans and going to be awesome .”
Maybe the biggest improvements include the indoor hitting facility that moves the Cowboys out of the small building north of Allie P . and into O ’ Brate . They also have a small turf field that ’ s used for fielding practice , stretching and possibly a place for children to play during games once regulations are lifted from the COVID-19 pandemic .
The area west of the third base line is filled with coaches offices , a meeting room and a weight room . Those spaces are also an upgrade from the previous stadium , and the offices come with a view of the field , instead of being under the outer part of the stadium as they were in Allie P . All in all , the $ 60 million facility will be one cherished for years . It ’ s a sight to behold and enjoy , inside and out , for OSU players , coaches and fans .
A room for cleats ? Why not ?

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Kathryn Farguson , DO CARDIOLOGY