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It has been frequently observed that doors have warped during the early stages of their use but have straightened out after they have become fully conditioned to the moisture and temperature of the environment . This is known as the seasoning process and should embrace one full heating season . After seasoning the warp difficulty usually disappears .
Faulty installation methods are common causes of warp . In cases where the doors are fitting and hung before the building is completed , they may become subjected to conditions which cause moisture imbalance . If exposed to high temperatures or humidity on one side and low humidity on the other , warping may result . Care should therefore be taken to equalize moisture conditions between the interior and exterior of the building , to the extent possible , before the doors are hung .
Finish should be applied immediately after fitting , making certain that all four edges are given two coats of paint , varnish or sealer before hanging . In all too many instances the doors are hung before finishing which means that the bottom edge will probably receive no paint or sealer . The bottom edge is the most vulnerable point , particularly on an exterior door . Free water on the door faces will flow toward the bottom by force of gravity . Water on the sill will be drawn toward the bottom of the door and held there
Cutting away of the stiles for the mortise lock weakens the lock stile and reduces the restraint it offers to bowing . The tubular type of lock requires a minimum of cutting and will have less weakening effect than the mortise type . Similarly , cutting for lights , louvers , panels or door closures may result in some distortion within the door if the frame or large areas of the face are thereby weakened .
Lack of weather protection of exterior doors is a common cause of warp . Recessed openings , porches , vestibules , overhangs and storm doors materially reduce weather exposure and minimize the tendency of exterior doors to warp . All exterior doors should have at least a combination or storm door .
Failure to apply protective coatings to the edges and faces of the door , particularly the top and bottom edges , may permit moisture changes and resultant warp . stevesdoors . com
November 1 , 2014