Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 4 | Page 5



f you are looking for some inspiration to take you into 2023 , look no further than the pages of our Winter issue . We take you to Brussels , Belgium , and Monaghan , Ireland , for our annual general meeting and gala . We introduce you to two of our incredible members who are excited about the future of the structural steel industry and who are dedicated to spreading the good word about how amazing it is to work in . We bring you articles on how to get inspired to get healthy and create captivating stories in the new year . And perhaps we can inspire you to let out your inner Irish chef !
Allow me to introduce you to Zoran Radonjic of Pittsburgh Steel Group in Mississauga , Ontario . Zoran ’ s story will inspire and motivate you to “ Never Say Never ” because opportunity exists when you look for it , embrace it , and are grateful for it when it shows up on your door . Francis Benjamin of Acier Sélect in St- Jean-sur-Richelieu , Québec , knows that the “ Future is Bright ” for those looking to enter the industry . There is so much to do and so many exciting things happening , including the advancement of technology in structural steel fabrication .
I completed a two-and-a-half-month personal journey into fitness , and I am so happy that I did ! I feel stronger and healthier and have learned how to exercise properly and which exercises make me work harder . I hope this inspires you to maybe get your own personal trainer to gain strength , endurance , and overall happiness this year . Our very own Jenny Dunne will inspire you to get social media savvy by helping you create the right story for your clients . Finally , let Castle Leslie ’ s chef Aaron Duffy inspire you to make your own mouthwatering silver honey roast duck . So many ways to be inspired in 2023 !
Steel Plus Network is soaring to new heights next year and we want you to join us . Not only will our events be out of this world but we will also be launching an incredible social program that is geared toward raising money for a charitable cause close to the hearts of our members . But that ’ s not all . We are homed in on growth and development in the United States . We are looking for the best-of-the-best steel fabricators and suppliers who are looking for amazing experiences and to join us on our incredible journey . We are proud to welcome a new team member , James Spruin , Business Development Manager , and he will most likely be calling you to inspire you to join us .
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “ inspire ” [ in- ’ spī ( -ə ) r ] as a way to influence or move someone . We hope to move you to join us . Meet our members , learn from each other , teach each other , and reap the rewards together . Let ’ s soar to new heights in 2023 ! +
Colleen Doucette , B . A . President Steel Plus Network / Réseau Acier Plus