Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 4 | Page 30

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Silver Honey Roast Duck

• 1 Whole Silverhill Duck
• 20g Wild Honey
• Juice of 1 Lime
• 10g Cinnamon
• 10g Cumin
• 10g Star Anise
• 10 New Baby Potatoes
• Preheat your oven to 200c .
• In a bowl combine the spices , lime and honey , and marinade the duck in this overnight .
• In a large roasting tray place the duck skin side up .
• For the hassle back potatoes , you thinly slice the potato being careful not to go the whole way through the potato . A great tip for this is to place the potato between a wooden spoon and your knife , and this will stop the knife going through the potato .
• Add the baby potatoes into the tray and season .
• Season the duck with some salt and ground pepper and brush with the honey .
• Place the duck into the oven and cook for 30 minutes . Remove the duck and brush with more honey and cook for a further 10 minutes .
• Remove the duck and allow it to rest for 10-12 minutes .
• Place the duck onto your serving platter with the potatoes and for presentation stuff with fresh garden herbs . +
Aaron Duffy is the Executive Head Chef at Castle Leslie Estate in Monaghan . He has been working in professional kitchens for 16 years . During his impressive career he worked under Celebrity Chef Paul Rankin at ‘ Cayenne ’ in Belfast , before stints in London and Australia . Aaron also appeared on ‘ MasterChef the Professionals ’ and has won numerous awards through his culinary career .
He has spent most of his career working in luxury hotels , so he found Castle Leslie Estate to be the perfect fit . He started with the estate in 2017 as Head Banqueting Chef , and in 2020 he took on the role as Executive Chef managing a kitchen team of over 30 staff . He runs 6 kitchens on the estate including our 2AA Rosette Snaffles Restaurant .
He uses as much local produce as he can , and much estate produce from within our historic walled garden . During the seasons the estate supplies Aaron and his team with our own venison , woodcock , pheasant , rhubarb , berries , duck eggs , vegetables and lots , lots more . He really manages the distance his food travels in metres and not in miles ! Sustainability is of utmost importance to him . This allows Aaron and his team to be inventive and imaginative with our menus engaging with our local game keeper and groundsmen .
Illustrations By : Shelby Christie , artist / animator based out of Charlottetown , PEI .