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Decluttering For The New Year

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he new year is the perfect opportunity to reset and refresh your home . For many of us , this kind of cleansing is a must-do before the ball drops . Not only is maintaining a clean home a great habit to bring with you into 2023 , but it ’ s also a fantastic way to kickstart any other resolution you may have . Who doesn ’ t feel more productive in a fresh , clean home ? Below are some tips to get you started .
What are you hoping to achieve by de-cluttering your home ? Are you looking to make more room in your closet for new clothes ? Do you want to make it easier to find things ? Having a specific goal in mind will help motivate you to get the job done .
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Even the most organized among us are prone to procrastinating when it comes to cleaning . Take a look at your schedule , choose a date that you know you ’ ll be able to stick to and mark it down in your calendar . Consider asking a friend or partner to help keep you accountable .
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If one of your New Year ’ s resolutions is to keep a tidier home , think about how you ’ ll do it . Do you have all the tools you ’ ll need to do this ? Do you have enough sponges ? Do you need more cleaning solution ? Is it time to upgrade your vacuum ? +