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Brussels Belgium

Strike a chord during your stay in Brussels with a visit to the Musical Instruments Museum ( MIM ). Part of the Royal Museums of Art and History , the MIM is located in the former Old England department store built in 1899 by Paul Saintenoy in Art Nouveau style , as well as the adjoining 18th-century neoclassical building designed by Barnabé Guimard . Within the museum , you will find 1,200 of the most intriguing instruments arranged across four galleries with accompanying images , sound , and text panels for contextual information . And the best part ? You get to enjoy a beautiful luncheon and an optional museum tour !
Beyond the MIM , you can decide to experience the Iris Festival , which is an annual celebration of the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium . Packed with free concerts , street entertainment , and delicious cuisine from around the world , this event honours the area ’ s heritage and can see upwards of 100,000 participants each year . Interestingly , “ Rock Around the Atomium ” has also been organized on this weekend since 2015 , and you can expect amazing performances , including circus acts , street theatre , acrobatics , dance , magic , and more !
Finally , dine like a local with a premier culinary experience from La Cuisine de Flore , where your culinary skills will be put to the test . Our guests will take on a “ culinary challenge ” where they compete as teams to win various quizzes , time trials , and other cooking challenges . Dubbed the ultimate team-building experience , the challenge is meant to encourage collaboration and enhance networking opportunities while building delicious dishes to then enjoy together . Ultimately , between all the sights , amazing food , and fantastic entertainment , you ’ ll be sure to leave Belgium with authentic and memorable experiences that will last a lifetime !
Step into a relic of the past on the first stop of our annual convention and gala that will bring us to the Atomium in Brussels , Belgium . Originally constructed as the main pavilion for the 1958 Brussels World ’ s Fair , the Atomium is a stainless-steel structure comprised of nine 18-metre-diameter ( 59 ft ) spheres arranged to represent an iron crystal that has been magnified 165 billion times . Interestingly , engineers did not intend for it to survive past Expo 58 , meaning that between 2004 and 2006 , it had to be renovated and restored to its current glory . Now , the Atomium is the city ’ s most popular tourist attraction with over 600,000 visitors per year , and it serves as a hub of art , culture , and history . It ’ s also commonly compared to the likes of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty ,
No trip to Brussels is complete without a walk-through of the iconic Autoworld . Step back in time in this national car museum that boasts an extensive and varied collection of over 250 European and American automobiles that range from the late 19th century to the early 1990s . Housed in a prestigious building built by architect Gédéon Bordiau in Cinquantenaire Park , Autoworld features different themed temporary exhibitions every 2 – 3 months .
Since Autoworld is steeped in automotive history , there are also permanent displays , including a zone dedicated to sports and racing cars and another section called “ Belgium at Autoworld ” that recounts the history between Belgium and the automobile industry . More specifically , this area features a collection of early Belgianproduced vehicles , including Minervas meaning you won ’ t want to miss this iconic photo opportunity .
Engineered by André Waterkeyn , the Atomium has been dubbed the ultimate symbol of Brussels and is halfway between sculpture and architecture . You ’ ll find educational exhibits within the Atomium , both permanent and temporary , along with light installations , public spaces , and a stunning 360-degree view . Then , enjoy lunch in the panoramic restaurant suspended 100 metres ( 328 ft ) above the ground in the highest sphere in the Atomium overlooking the capital with an experience that “ revisits tradition near the clouds .” Ultimately , you can expect standout seasonal and specialty dishes during your time at the Atomium , with once-in-a-lifetime views that are sure to excite you .
and several limousines belonging to the Belgian Royal Family . They also have exhibits that feature vehicles like the Bugatti Type 23 , Peugeot VD2 Coupe de Ville , Rolls Royce Phantom I , Graham Model , BMW Isetta , and Messerschmitt KR200 . Beyond vintage automobiles , you can also expect to see motorcycles , sports cars , fire engines , and even carriages from the 19th century .
Although you ’ re more than welcome to take pictures at Autoworld , sitting in the vehicles is absolutely not permitted . However , you ’ ll have more than enough time to take in each unique model during our one-of-a-kind dining experience that will put you at the center of the action . In the end , even if you ’ re not a car junkie , the awe-inspiring installation at Autoworld will surely be a highlight of your convention .