Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 4 | Page 12


Travel TIPS

ne of my favorite ways to find inspiration is travel . There ' s something about the disorientation and magic of a new place that allows me to see things more clearly or in a completely different light . Travel is good for the mind , body , and soul , and the memories made are more valuable than any material possession . And in addition to being inspiring , traveling is a great reminder that no matter how different we may seem , we ' re all very much the same at heart .
That ' s why I ' ve made it my mission to cram as much traveling into this one life as possible . I ' ve been lucky to be able to see the world for business , education , and for personal fun , and on my many travels , I ' ve picked up a few important insights ( some of which I learned the hard way ). So before you set off for your next destination , check out my hard-won travel tips , below , that will help you get the most out of your trip .
1 . Pack light . You never end up wearing as much as you think you will , and getting around is easier ( and more enjoyable !) when you don ’ t have to lug a heavy suitcase with you .
2 . Be flexible and open-minded . Plans change . Weather is unpredictable . Things happen that you can ’ t foresee or control . Accept these facts of traveling and the whole world opens up to you . Often the greatest adventures come from spoiled plans !
3 . Dress in layers . Being out from morning to night means your outfit needs to adjust along with the changing temps . Light layers ensure you ’ ll always be dressed for the weather , and they ’ re easy to stow or carry when not in use .
4 . Learn common phrases . If you ’ re heading someplace where you don ’ t speak the language , try learning a few key phrases before you go , including greetings , how to ask for directions and where the bathroom is , and a few other basics .
5 . Research local customs . The best part about travel is encountering new cultures . But don ’ t assume everyone is like you . Put a little effort into learning local customs , as well as what may be considered offensive or rude .
6 . Bring an extra battery or portable charger . There ’ s nothing worst than when the perfect photo op presents itself , but your camera or phone battery is dead .
7 . Photocopy important documents . If you ’ re leaving the country , stow copies of important documents ( like your passport ) in a different place than the originals . This way , if anything happens , you ’ ll always have backup documentation .
8 . Bring extra underwear and socks . There are some clothes you can wear multiple times before washing . Underwear and socks aren ’ t one of them . Plus , sweaty or wet socks are a pain - literally - to walk around in , so bring more than you need !
9 . Pre-plan outfits . This is the best way to ensure you take only what you need . Get the most mileage out of your clothes by bringing pieces you can use for several different outfits or occasions .
10 . Keep essentials in your carry-on . An extra pair of socks and underwear , a light outer layer , electronics , medications , your toothbrush , and any valuables should be kept in your carry-on in case your checked baggage is lost .
11 . Use sunscreen liberally . Changes in temperatures , geographical locations , and altitudes all affect how strong the sun is . Be