Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 2 - Page 6

LAUNCHING A NEW ERA OF STEEL PLUS NETWORK ! What does it mean to launch a new era ? It means being open to incredible opportunities and facing the future with arms wide open . History can provide us with critical lessons , and we choose how to move forward from those lessons . That is why the way we do business is changing . The way we network is changing . The way we engage is changing . All of these are positive changes that keep Steel Plus Network on the train to continued growth and relationship building . We have seen members communicate with us like never before . We have seen more rebates and dues refunds issued than ever before . Our supplier members are more engaged with us than ever before . Without their support and dedication to continued growth , we simply would not be here . How did we come up with the theme “ Launching a New Era of SPN ”? It was born out of the luau that we will be hosting upon your arrival to beautiful Sun Peaks , British Columbia .


MARCH 31 , APRIL 1 - 2 , 2022


“ The Luau , a Polynesian and ancient Hawaiian ritual , is a popular social gathering meant to unite the people of a town in celebration of a significant life event , achievement , war victory , or launching of a new canoe . Originally called ‘ aha ‘ aina , meaning ‘ gathering meal ,’ this celebration is centered around feasting on traditional cuisine like kalua pig , lomi salmon , poi , and haupia with friends and family with entertainment , including hula and traditional Hawaiian music . [ 1 ]
Let us take this incredible history lesson and bring it to life for all of us at Steel Plus Network . First and foremost , let us celebrate that we survived the pandemic of 2020-2021 . Let us celebrate our continued growth and accomplishments . Let us celebrate the successes of our peers . Let us celebrate our suppliers and join in unity for a better , more prosperous year . Join us , March 31 , April 1-2 , 2022 in Sun Peaks , British Columbia and help us launch a new era of Steel Plus Network !
Colleen Doucette , B . A . President SteelPlus . com
Artwork by Leanne Spanza , Sun Peaks , B . C .
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