Steel Plus Network Connections Issue 2 - Page 5



nce upon a time , I was attending Education Day at the 2017 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting in Charleston , South Carolina , when the keynote speaker asked , “ How many in this room have over 25 years of experience in the steel industry ?” As I looked up to see who would respond , I got goosebumps . Well over 75 % of the people in that room raised their hands . The collective knowledge in that room was something to admire because each of these attendees had a passion — a passion for steel , a passion to run a successful and thriving business , and a passion for Steel Plus Network ( SPN ). It was then that I discovered how truly special SPN is and looked forward to working with this incredible group of structural steel fabricators and suppliers !
In this issue , we present to you our Board of Managers ( three of whom are not on the cover but are there in spirit ). You ’ ll find out how passionate they are about SPN , how they believe in the mission , and how they have learned from each other over the years ( pages 12 – 14 ). Governance is critical in any organization , and we are proud to have enhanced ours over the years to one that is not only communicating in a more professional way but expanding to be more inclusive . A wonderful step forward ! We had the good fortune to meet Robert Patzelt at our last board meeting in Halifax , and he has written an article ( page 10 ) that will help you understand the importance of good governance .
In 2022 , we are all getting back together again in Sun Peaks , British Columbia , for our annual general meeting ( AGM ) and gala . Find out what we have planned for our members and suppliers ( pages 6 – 9 ) and perhaps , you might be interested in joining us ? We talk about three ways to have a fantastic adventure on page 18 , which should inspire you to get back on the road and visit this beautiful country . Or perhaps you ’ re interested in joining us in Brussels , Belgium , for our 2023 AGM ( page 30 )? Either one will prove to be a memorable experience !
We are proud to feature an interview ( pages 22 – 23 ) with David Drouin , Vice-President of Sales at Camnor Steel Group , Beauceville , Québec , who talks about the amazing people that work for Camnor and what he has learned from being a member of SPN . Do you know what it means to have an “ Impact Player Mindset ”? Let Liz Wiseman give you some insight on what this means in terms of leadership ( pages 26 – 27 ). We have an exciting new feature in this issue from Drake Butt ( page 11 ). Drake will talk about his experiences as a new welder in the structural steel industry and hopefully get the juices flowing for others to follow in the trade !
With all of these amazing pieces , and so much more , I hope you learn a little more about what an incredible organization Steel Plus Network is and the wonderful members and suppliers who make it fun and engaging . +
Colleen Doucette , B . A . President Steelplus . com