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Iris Day Festival In Brussels


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teel Plus Network will be hosting its 2023 Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) during the Iris Day Festival in Brussels , Belgium . Held on May 8th each year , the festival of iris flowers is a regional holiday and a weekend that the Brussels-Capital Region uses to honour the flowering period of the iris pseudacorus , a regional symbol . It is also Victory Day over the Nazis during World War II and the feast of the Archangel Saint-Michel , the patron saint of Brussels .
During the multiday party , free concerts , street entertainment , and all kinds of activities are organized for the public . Some monuments are exceptionally accessible to the public , and a food truck festival takes place on this day . In 2008 , there were 100,000 participants at the festivities . Since 2015 , Rock Around the Atomium has also been organized at the Atomium during this weekend .
Each of the autonomous regions of Belgium observes its own feast day . The Brussels-Capital Region ’ s celebration — called Iris Day ( Fete de l ’ Iris )— is held during the first weekend of May . Feast days in other regions of Belgium include Feast Day of the Flemish Community , Feast Day of the French Community , Feast Day of the German-Speaking Community , and Walloon Regional Day .
Iris Fest is a relatively new festival , as the Brussels-Capital Region only came into existence following the federalization of Belgium in 1989 . The festival ’ s main symbol , the iris plant , has been the region ’ s official emblem since 1991 .
Many of the weekend ’ s proceedings are held in the city ’ s central square , the Place du Grand Sablon . An established popular act will perform a concert in the square on Saturday , and live jazz concerts are held on Sunday . On Sunday — the more event-filled of the two days — the Brussels Parliament opens its doors to the public for tours and classical music performances . For La rue en fete , a colourful festival event held throughout Brussels ’ s streets , people gather for parades , theatre , and games for kids .
We simply cannot wait to take part in this amazing tradition ! Will you join us ? +