Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 76

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 Photos by Stefan Kapfer , Duesseldorf/Germany Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages ... You should all know me by now ... My name is Marlowe B West and I am your Ring Leader ... I have been the Star Reporter here at Steel Notes Magazine now for 2 1/2 years ... Perpetually seeking Truth ... Finding it in glamour, beauty, music, art, style and fashion, great entertainment, excitement and all that is 'Que Rico' to present to You ... My Beautiful Readers and Fans ... As I walk along I wonder and sometimes I wander back in time ... retracing my paths ... 'Just where did I make that turn ???' ... 'What were the Crossroads that led me to this place in time?' ... and then it comes to me ... like a reflection ... I revel in focusing in on that vague yet distinct image ... that familiar place, scent, face, thought ... from out of a soggy foggy dream it makes itself evident ... wet and joyful in it's own rebirth ... my memory serves me extremely well ... delivering in it's clarity the very ground on which it had originally been found ... sight and sound. Meanwhile ... as we speak ... I am greatly honoured to have You ... Steel Notes Magazine readers ... as first recipients of my most recent Good News ... Go West-The Rock And Roll Memoir-(1967-1970) by Marlowe B West has just gone Whirled Wide and is now available on http://www.AmazonUK, http://wwwBa rnes& ... I shant go on any further ... if interested you can pick it up from there. 76 Steel Notes Magazine