Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 132

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 MBW: How about your musical background ??? BC: Our musical backgrounds are as varied as the band itself. From blues & bebop to RockaBilly & Rock n Roll, the British invasion, glam, and punk. We have been around a long time and collectively seen and heard a lot. MBW: I'm big on telling my Steel Notes Magazine readers and fans about inspiration ... Do you guys have any inspirational stories to tell us ... like where and when you were struck with the passion that drove you into becoming the full fledged musicians you are today ??? Don: My musical passion ignited when I first heard The Beatles on Thanksgiving Day 1963.... In a gas station's small AM radio in their office... I was stopped in my tracks and turned and faced the music !!! ... And never looked away since! Andrew: I was born into a musical family and had “the” Rock n Roll coursing through my veins at a very early age, it’s part of my DNA. MBW: I have many times witnessed your explosive brand of entertainment ... What, would you say, is your favor- 132 Steel Notes Magazine