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Governor perspective Almost six in 10 (59%) school governors expect monitoring school performance under the new performance measures to be a challenge over the next academic year – the second most-cited challenge behind budget pressures. Governors are, however, confident that they have the knowledge and skills to hold the leadership team to account for pupil achievement: more than nine in 10 (93%) agree this is “The stringent focus on testing and academics at the expense of the development of the whole child is represented by the diminishing status of the arts in our schools. If we look to international best practice we are doing the reverse of the highest performing countries and only exasperating the gaps in our system, not fixing anything. We need a period of stability to let things settle and embed, including taking the parent and employer stakeholders with us through the changes we are experiencing.” Hannah Wilson Headteacher – Aureus School the case. They are comfortable, also, in holding the leadership to account for staff performance: 89% of governors believe their governing board can do this effectively. “Over the past year, we have seen an increase in questions from primary school leaders who are unclear as to how they can accurately assess pupils due to a lack of guidance and last-minute policy changes. Questions from secondary school leaders continue to show concerns around the impact of progress 8 and the EBacc on their school’s curriculum offer. The interest in our case studies on KS3 and KS4 curriculum models shows that many school leaders are still looking for inspiration in this area. That said, school leaders continue to demonstrate an incredible ability to adapt to, and overcome, these challenges through collaboration – working together to moderate assessment judgements, sharing resources and organising CPD. The popularity of our articles on moderation reflects this.” Adam Medlycott Senior researcher - The Key STATE OF EDUCATION 2017 | WWW.STATEOFED.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM PAGE 22