State of Caring Carers UK State of Caring 2017 Report - Page 27

STATE OF CARING REPORT 2017 To ensure carers are able to juggle work and care, returning to work if we wish: • Introduce a new right to paid care leave in the workplace of between 5 to 10 days for carers in work. • Support for carers and former carers who wish to stay in or return to work. • Recognition that good quality, reliable and affordable care services are needed to enable us to juggle work and care. • Increase and ring-fence funding for carers’ breaks making it transparent so carers know what they are entitled to, and to ensure greater consistency in what is available To provide funding to enable carers to take the breaks we need: To create a more ‘Carer Friendly’ NHS: • A new duty for the NHS to put in place policies to identify carers and to promote our health and well-being – helping to build a carer friendly NHS. • New measurements to monitor how GPs are identifying and supporting carers to make sure carers are able to look after their own health, are listened to about the care of the person we care for and are supported to care well. • Easily available advice and information for carers to help us plan, prepare and provide for care. 27 Ensure we are all better prepared for caring and can get support early to look after our own health and wellbeing: