State of Caring Carers UK State of Caring 2017 Report - Page 23

STATE OF CARING REPORT 2017 I am totally worn out trying to balance work and care for my disabled daughter and family I had to leave a senior job in industry at the age of 50 and have found it difficult to find a senior part time job for a woman resulting in my earnings dropping drastically and putting me under financial pressure I would *love* to be in paid work, even part time. I gave up a well paid career to look after my son. This has led to significant financial difficulties. I’d love more support to enable me to work My employer forced me to choose between taking on a permanent senior role or being perceived as not committed to the company and end my contract. I chose my mum. The financial suffering has been huge but I have some precious time with my mum who is late mid dementia, times I would have never had if I had chosen my career. But why should I have to choose? I saw young mothers at work given privileges I just wasn’t allowed I do agency work instead of having a contract which gives me more flexibility but means I get no sick pay, pension contributions or professional training plus very limited holiday pay We just try our best to live on what we have but it is very hard as we are always in arrears. The National Debtline has been great in helping us cope I ended up with burnout as I was trying to deliver my caring role and work 50+ hours a week I cannot afford hobbies or leisure activities and rarely see family or friends I work a full day, but with adjusted hours to accommodate my caring role. I also use my annual leave entitlement on care related things such as medical appointments, organising care, covering shortfalls in care. I usually have to ask for several extra unpaid days when annual leave runs out each year. On occasions this unpaid leave has affected my pension entitlement I have ended up owing time and using unpaid leave due to having so much time off work this year 23