State of Caring Carers UK State of Caring 2017 Report - Page 19

STATE OF CARING REPORT 2017 A number of carers also described people having to stay in hospital longer than was necessary as a result of appropriate care and support in the community not being in place or as a result of poor care management in hospitals. Carers reported that the person they cared for could have come home much earlier and that staying in hospital longer than necessary had been detrimental to their wellbeing. It was far too early, he was re- admitted within days of his discharge Overall, under half of carers (47%) said the timing of the discharge was just right. Carers for disabled children were most likely to report this (65%), whilst, worryingly, those providing palliative care were least likely to agree the timing was right, with only 35% reporting this. It was right for my husband but I was tired out trying to sort out chores at home so I would have time for him as he needed lots of help and supervision with mobility There was NO communication from the hospital with me at any stage. On discharge I received no information about medication, a care plan....nothing. I find it very hard to cope as I feel voiceless Mum was kept in far longer than needed just because they wanted her assessed by social services who couldn’t do so for days. I felt that mum was neglected whilst she waited in hospital unnecessarily and that the delay was adversely affecting her. In the end I discharged her into my care Our hospital staff were very understanding and involved me at every stage of my husband’s discharge and made sure that I was happy and prepared and that all help that I may have needed was in place before he came home As a carer I was left to chase and co- ordinate services and supplies to avoid deterioration of patient health. I fear for anyone being discharged without help at home They tried to discharge mum before her assessment. Forms were filled in on my behalf incorrectly. At no time was I asked if I could continue to care for my parent, my health was not considered We were unprepared for the practical requirements for the person’s physical care. We needed much more information prior to discharge 19