State of Caring Carers UK State of Caring 2017 Report - Page 14

STATE OF CARING REPORT 2017 Only 4 in 10 40 % said they are able to choose and have control of the services they receive Mental health services have been cut to the bone, it’s more difficult to get help as and when needed When my son became ‘an adult’ his respite was reduced by a third. I was told “that’s what happens when you become an adult Choice and control of care and support services Without good neighbours I would have no help Some people with care needs get a cash sum from their local authority or Health and Social Care Trust (in Northern Ireland) to pay for care and support services directly or receive a budget to choose the support services they want, although the local authority may arrange it. 27% of carers responding to the survey said they or the person they support received a direct payment or a budget to choose services they want. The needs are increasing, the help is decreasing When asked whether the carer and the person they care for have choice over what services they receive or buy using their Direct Payment, 46% of respondents who reported having a direct payment or a budget said they have a choice but that options are limited and they do not feel in control of the kind of support received. Only 4 our out of 10 people (40%) said they are able to choose and have control of the services they receive. I have to fight for everything. I feel alone and unsupported More than 1 in 10 people (12%) said they have no choice over the services in place to support them. 14