Stanzas: Monthly Chapbooks February 2015: Anti-Love - Page 20

The Words Amy O’Donovan I t all started with a look. You gave me a knowing glance as you pretended to have your nose buried in a book. You stood cool, calm and collected, holding Poe’s collected works and maintaining eye contact with me. Your hazel eyes were warm and welcoming. You initiated the conversation by talking about literature. I still look back at that first encounter as wonderful. I left feeling exhilarated and excited at the prospect of meeting you again. It didn’t take you long to contact me and organise our first date. You took me out for a few drinks at Flannery’s bar. You were a polite and kind goofball. Even though my hair was a mess and I was sweating out of nerves, you still said I was beautiful. You didn’t seem to care. Your hand remained intertwined with mine for the whole evening. I was yours after that night. We texted each other almost every night and I leapt with joy whenever I got to see you. I loved your passion for music, for Shakespeare. I loved our long conversations about our favourite plays and poems. I loved the nights when I would come to your house and lay beside you listening to My Chemical Romance and The Fray. You paid attention to me and my thoughts. You made me feel wanted for the