Stanzas: Monthly Chapbooks February 2015: Anti-Love - Page 2

Love Is Merely a Madness S hakespeare said it best, and while we’re good we’re not quite good enough to top him. Love is indeed merely a madness. A chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you do weird stuff you’d otherwise – under ordinary circumstances – completely avoid. Love says ‘Yeah, man, she totally wants to shift you after fourteen beers and a dodgy burger, go for it.’ Love makes you write awful poetry on faint pink sheets of paper scented with perfume in the hopes he’ll, inexplicably, be wooed. Love is the Angel and the Demon sitting on your shoulders, each conspiring to work together this one time for the absolute lols of it just so you can live to regret the tale. Love is merely a madness – but there is a cure. We may not be Doctors, psychologists or even herbal lobotomists with a penchant for biologists, but we are poets, we are smiths of the word, and no matter how little your valentine cared for the box of chocolates you nabbed in Dealz, we’re always there for you – and by always we mean once a month. In any case, let that madness out, put it on paper, and give it to us. We’ll love you for it Stanzas