Stanzas: Monthly Chapbooks February 2015: Anti-Love - Page 12

Darkness RG Allen Caught in the unending numbness of a dark soul, Trapped in the subconscious of a failing martyr, Lost in a gaze that only says goodbye: All this I have and more Now I am alone. The stars are infinite, Yet is this console enough when the sun that warmed your world has gone dark; And future aspirations have faded. Alone under a foreign sky, The exiled spirit holds his own. Is this enough to a soul who has held true light in his hands. Look inside this empty face, Memories are all it holds, Life gone dark Bereft of light. Exiled to this hollow existence. How can one complain? What could compare to the essence of what was lost And knowing this, once the risk was taken What could be salvaged if this was expunged? Nothing, Nothing but darkness. 12