Stanzas: Monthly Chapbooks February 2015: Anti-Love - Page 11

My True Anti-Love Fiona Grimes I’m hooked. Hours of my time spent, Watching, engrossing myself, Encaptured by the ever changing unfolding drama. Perfect hair and skin free of imperfections – Crumbling: lives unraveling, Dwelling on the little things: Boys, shoes and shopping Homework left untouched and suddenly there’s college. Messages left unopened, Not speaking to real breathing friends for days. You’re destroying my life And I don’t even like you – that much. You’re like trashy magazines, celebrity rags; something to pass the time. A series in a day seems like time wasted when it’s finished Still it happens over and over again. Pretty Little Liars stop ruining my life. Waiting for you to buffer and load is time wasted enough. Your storylines are more unrealistic than Gossip Girl and I’d even say Supernatural. So why can’t I stop? C’mon seriously just tell me who the fuck ‘A’ is anyway. Ugh I have to find out. I guess I’ll just watch one more episode... 11