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Stainless Steel World Americas is the leading publication for corrosion resistant alloy users , suppliers , and fabricators in North , Central , and South America .
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The Insiders ’ Guide to Stainless Steel Issue 3 – June 2022
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End User Interview Welding Column
Corrosion Modeling and Materials Integrity : An Interview with Ibrahim Gadala
How A Proper Alloy Design Can Enhance The Weldability Of Ferritic Stainless Steels
The development of technology and societies have been walking side-by-side in the last century , with one being a strong enabler of the other . As soon as a disruption happens in technology , societies thrive and our lives become easier and safer . It is nice to look back on the last 20 years and see how many things changed in this period .
Impact of Aging Plants on Stainless Steel Components
Pages 12-13 .
Special Topic : Managing Aging Infrastructure
Stainless Steel World Americas recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ibrahim Gadala , Research Engineer , Petrochemicals R & D , working at NOVA Chemicals . Gadala works in the Center for Applied Research , which is the largest private research facility in Western Canada . NOVA Chemicals ’ Olefins and Polyolefins business unit produces and sells ethylene , PE resins , and co-products from its two manufacturing centers , located in Alberta and Ontario , Canada . Gadala shared his thoughts about developments in integrity , welding , valves , corrosion modeling , failure analytics , and sustainability .
Why use stainless steel ? Stainless steel is the ideal material choice for a wide range of plant applications due to its resistance to corrosive products such as acids , caustic solutions , oxidizers , and environmental corrosive elements such as salt laden air when found near the sea . However , other gases such as sulfur dioxide , hydrogen sulfide , carbon monoxide , and chlorine also attack stainless steel leading to localized pitting , stress corrosion , and crevice corrosion cracking .
Pages 6-7 . Pages 4-5 .
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Spotlight On …

Clean-Co Systems : Continuing 30 Years of Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Clean-Co Systems is a full-service industrial service provider , offering unique technology , and a wide variety of services and repairs . Stainless Steel World Americas spoke to Jack Cahill , Vice President of Clean-Co Systems , to learn about the extensive service offerings , and how Clean-Co Systems is making a difference in the industry .
To read the full article , turn to pages 2-3 .
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