St. Vincent Education Statistical Digest 2015/2016 | Page 16

Message from the Chief Education Officer - Ms. Beverly Neptune

Today, parents and other stakeholders are demanding more accountability from their schools. Their increased attention to school performance and in particular, the progress of the children, has placed greater demands on the education system. Consequently, our education system is required to provide parents and other partners with reliable data sets thereby enabling them to make informed decisions.

The education system in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the rest of the Caribbean Region is becoming increasingly reliant on data usage for evidenced based decision making. Therefore as leaders in the Ministry of Education, we must be able to clearly articulate to parents, donors and other stakeholders what has been revealed to us through our data analysis and consequently why we have embarked on our respective courses of action. We must ensure that our data collection remains timely and accurate in order to enable efficient prioritization of our goals, and also efficient monitoring of our progress to date.

It is my hope that through the publication of this Education Statistical Digest, we will be better able to share our on-going successes, as well as our challenges in a timely manner with our partners.