St Margaret's News September 2018 - Page 6

Diversity Sunday of God and refresh our understanding of things… to be open to the other, those we may be suspicious of, understanding that we may be suspicious to others. Actioning mutual respect, curiosity and kindness takes practice and courage. - Toni Hassan 1 Tim Soutphommasane, “Race politics is back - and the far-right are loving it.” Sydney Morning Herald, August 5, 2018. p4zvit.html 2 ABC 730 Report, August 7, 2018. australians/10085298 3 I am grateful to a summary of the works of Kandiah and Kristeva by Baptist Minister and author, Mike Frost in a blog post out this week. 4 For a excellent analysis of this story, read Sandra M. Schneider’s The Revelatory Text : Interpreting the New Testament as Sacred Scripture (Chapter 7: A Feminist Interpretation of John 4: 1-42), Liturgical Press, Minne- sota, 1999. 5 Sociologist Andrew Jakubowicz of the University of Technology, explores this and the dimensions of Austral- ia’s immigration policy in an interview on the ABC Religion and Ethics Report, August 8, 2018. australia/10089978 _______________________________________________________________ Following the service, the final Soup (and Slices) Luncheon conducted during Winter months by St Margaret’s became a joint event with Holy Cross for the first time. With the agreement of the Holy Cross Parish Council, all the pro- ceeds from the event, plus those from the soups lunches in the previous two months, were donated to a Frontier Services program conducted by Rev Phil Matthews to assist farmers doing it tough because of the severe drought in NSW. Image by Brian Rope St Margaret’s News 6 September 2018