St Margaret's News September 2017 - Page 6

Thank You The Gifts and Graces performance by the Stepping Stones’ Music/Art Group on Sunday afternoon 20 September was very special. The undisguised joy and excitement of the performers was clear for all to see. It gave them the oppor- tunity to be included, to feel part of our community, to display their abilities, to give as well as receive, and it bolstered their confidence and self esteem. They will remember it for the rest of their lives. To those of us in the audience it was another humbling revelation of the wonderful work done by this special group. We want to record our appreciation and gratitude to those involved, not only in the production of the concert and art display but for all the valuable work done over the years. Margaret Hunt, who took the group under her wing from the very beginning many years ago, devotes her Fridays week after week, month after month, year after year, planning, organizing and cooking; Margaret Notaris whose zeal and artistic skills have been fundamental in producing such imagi- native and original art; David Hunt, the master of the key board, who provides the music and much fun and levity; Pam Kelly, whose initiative it was to hold the performance, and Judy Baker, both of whom worked hard to produce the concert and are invaluable Friday afternoon regulars. There have been a number of others who, over the years, have given valuable help on Friday after- noons. To every one of you we say thank you. We know that other parents and families share these sentiments so, on their behalf as well and to continue in the spirit of frivolity that helped make the performance so enjoyable, may we say; What your group does each Friday is really quite magnanimous And the gratitude we families feel is totally unanimous. - Marge & Jeff Bishop St Margaret's News 6 September 2017