St Margaret's News September 2017 - Page 12

The Sounds of Silence films mentioned in the story on the previous page can all be viewed at: Here is a an excerpt from that Webpage: Stories From the Hearing-Impaired Community of Canberra Is there life after deaf? What's that squeak in the car? Have I turned into my father? Is it possible to study a master's degree with profound hearing loss? Can people accept me for my talents? These questions are explored by five Canberrans with hearing-impairment, in their own words and with their own images. Editor: If there is sufficient interest, a group viewing of the Sounds of Silence films at the church could be arranged. The hearing loop systems in our church and both halls are there to assist people with hearing impairments, but can only be used by people with hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-switch that has to be selected in order to pick up the signal from the hearing loop. Unfortunately the loop in the church doesn’t work outside of the pews area - so not in the choir seats, not in the rear annexe and not near the entry door. Even in the pews, where the loop does work, some users find it necessary to tilt their heads in particular directions to pick up the signal. The only solution would be a new, and quite expensive, loop installation. St Margaret's News 12 September 2017